En un ratito más sale del horno un artículo de mi colega y amigo, el gran McTínez, sobre uno de los mejores libros de la historia del Universo: Gödel, Escher, Bach – Un Eterno y Grácil Bucle

Para que vayan calentando motores, les dejo dos videos (lamentablemente ninguno tiene subtítulos, así que son angloparlantes only, pero si el idioma no le da miedito, disfrute!:

Victim of the Brain – Un freakísimo documental holandés del año 1988, basado en el libro The Mind’s I, con don Doug como protagonista, y con Daniel “el travieso” Dennett como invitado especial. La reseña:

9/10 because some of the scientific possibilities envisioned seemed a bit outdated as is to be expected, this was made in 1988, 20 years ago. I would have give 9.5/10 if I could have though, because the philosophical underpinning of this movie is extremely sound and well backed up. It seems to convey the message rather well that intelligence originates from a non-intelligent process. The focus of the movie is more on Douglas Hofstadter rather than Daniel Dennett. Dennett in fact plays a rather comical role in this movie, a man whose brain was removed as part of a top secret project and the repercussions that arise from it. I would have liked it if they gave some more screen time for Dennett. All in all it touches subjects most dear to us – consciousness, emotions, free-will, morality and intelligence, giving all of it an origin in mechanical parts which by itself does not possess any of these characteristics and in doing so leaves us in somewhat of a moral quandary. And yet at the end of watching it, I felt contentment, satisfaction, a sense of reassurance and a renewed appreciation of the way nature works.

Conferencia: Analogy as the Core of Cognition, del año 2006 basada en este texto

In this Presidential Lecture, cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter examines the role and contributions of analogy in cognition, using a variety of analogies to illustrate his points.

Buen provecho!